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Thoracoscopy is used to visualize the lungs and the entire space surrounding the lungs. The area surrounding the lungs is called pleural space. Doctors usually go for the thoracoscopy procedure when the less invasive tests do not provide conclusive results. 

Let’s proceed ahead and completely understand what exactly is thoracoscopy.

What is thoracoscopy?

Thoracoscopy is a procedure in which the doctor uses a thin, flexible tube with a light and small video camera at the end of the tube. The tube is put inside the human body through a short cut near the lower end of the shoulder blade between the ribs.
The process is carried out to check the lungs and the entire space between the lungs. It is also sometimes carried as part of the VATS procedure.

Why you need thoracoscopy?

Here are a few reasons which will reflect why you may need to go for a thoracoscopy test:

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