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The sleep study is also known as polysomnography. The sleep test is a test that records data about you while you sleep. The sleep test is usually performed at clinic Healthways in a special lab designed for this particular test.

During the sleep test, an ECG monitors your brain activity to identify sleep cycles, disturbances, and other sleep orders. One of the clinic Healthways sleep experts will monitor your every movement in detail, your breathing capacity, oxygen levels, and your actual heart rate to analyze whether you have any sleep disorder or not.

Reasons Why Sleep Study Tests are Performed For?

You might need to go through a sleep study to check for:

What to expect during a sleep study test?
During the sleep study test

You will be in a private bedroom in the clinic Healthways. The expert technician from the clinic Healthways will sit near you to monitor your movements while you sleep. The room will have an inbuilt video camera and audio system to talk with the technicians. Your room will also have a private bathroom for your convenience.

Types of equipment used in the sleep test study?

The expert technician will put sticky surface electrodes on your face, scalp, chest, and limbs. These will transmit electric signals generated by your brain and muscle activity and adequately analyze your sleep pattern.

Polysomnography is a safe, non-invasive and painless procedure. It is a sleep test performed on a person who is entirely asleep, to detect sleeping disorders. 

Once the test is performed, you will be provided with a detailed report from the clinic Healthways. Schedule your appointment and get the best services available today! You can also call us and get the best assistance for your health issues from our expert doctors.

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