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In this pandemic, it is challenging for most people to step out of their homes for blood check-ups. And for others, it can be risky. At Klinic Healthways, we understand that health cannot take a backseat even if there’s a COVID-19 outbreak going on or even generally when we are leading our everyday lives in daily life routine.

With the Klinic Healthways home collection service, you have the convenience of getting blood tests at home at an affordable price without compromising on your safety.

The home visit service is beneficial for people with weaker immunity and those at a higher risk of facing significant complications from COVID-19. So instead of heading outside, having your blood sample collected at home is a safer way to ensure all health needs are fulfilled.

Why Klinic Healthways For Home Collection Of Samples?


Book a home visit and receive your test reports on email within 24-48 hours of the sample collection. With this service, you have the peace of mind of getting your blood sample taken safely at home and the convenience of viewing your reports online. Book Your Services Now!

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